Wax: How To Take Good Care Of Your Ski Equipment


The best resorts of international chains have shops for buying and renting snow equipment where you can leave your skis or snowboard to be prepared the night before use. However, if you are the type of person who insists on taking care of your material personally, be aware that the wax application process is relatively simple and can be done by anyone. Check it out:

Step 1) The easiest way to wax your ski equipment is with “rub-on wax,” which is the same process as applying paraffin to a surfboard, for example. After securing the brakes on one of the skis with heavy-duty rubber bands and wiping the surface with a clean cloth, wipe the entire underside of your gear with the wax. 

Step 2) To make a hot wax after the initial application, get iron without steam holes (or a professional waxing iron) at a temperature suitable for the type of wax chosen. Slowly pass through the equipment, from one end to the other, without stopping, until the product melts and becomes smooth. Make sure the iron is not smoking when rubbing the wax, as this indicates overheating.

Step 3) If an area is too dry, add more sliding wax. Then let the material cool to room temperature and remove excess wax with a scraper (long, overlapping strokes with firm pressure).

Step 4) Finally, brush the ski to finish. When brushing, start with more stiffness and progress to more delicate, softer brushes as you work. The idea is to leave only the thinnest layer of wax on the surface. When finished, repeat the entire process with the other ski.

Brushing Skis

Regarding periodicity, what will define the moment to reapply ski wax to your equipment is your own “feeling.” Whenever you feel that the skis aren’t sliding as well as they used to, or the board is feeling heavier, it’s likely time for another waxing session. As a standard, the suggestion for practitioners who spend whole days on the slopes would be to do the process once every two or three days, but it is not such a strict rule, and this period can vary a little.

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