Lower Your Blood Pressure With Diet


People managing high blood pressure have to be careful with the foods they consume. Eating the wrong food may cause an emergency that could be fatal. One of the potato nutrition facts is that potatoes can be a part of a diet for high blood pressure sufferers due to their chemical constitution.

The main objectives of a diet created to reduce blood pressure include:

  1. To reduce weight:It is general medical knowledge that a reduction in body weight can translate to a reduction in blood pressure. An approximate loss of one kilogram of body weight can reduce blood pressure by one unit. So, the diet will include foods that can provide energy and nutrients while reducing the incidence of weight gain.
  2. Potassium boosting: Potassium is known to lessen the negative effects of sodium in high blood pressure patients. Sodium is the active mineral implicated in high blood pressure and is found in the diet as table salt. Sodium can also be taken by the body when we consume other foods. Reducing sodium intake via the diet can help; boosting the potassium intake can also help. Common potato nutrition facts show that potatoes are good sources of potassium.
  3. Reduce caffeine: Caffeine has an increasing effect on blood pressure. Taking caffeinated drinks and other natural sources like kola nut can prove harmful.
  4. Reduce fats and oils: Excess dietary fat can build up as plaques in the blood vessels, leading to worsened blood pressure cases. Your diet should use less butter and oil or dressing. They increase the calories you consume.
  5. Replace carbohydrates with safer ones: One good example of a safe carbohydrate is potatoes. One of the beautiful potato nutrition facts is that potatoes can serve as carbohydrates and vegetables in a diet for high blood pressure patients. Plain rice and pasta are also safe as they contain less sodium than most other carbohydrates.
  6. More vegetables and fruits: Green vegetables that are rich in iron, potassium, and other minerals that help to lower high blood pressure are encouraged in the diet. The vegetables should be fresh and prepared without adding salt. Fruits should also be an essential part of the diet. Avoid eating excess fruits like coconuts, apples, and oranges that contain some amount of salt.

High blood pressure can be effectively managed by following a strict diet and the prescribed medical treatment.

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