Hosting Options For An Ecommerce Web Site


Ecommerce is the new gold in the digital business world. Denver web design agencies recognize that creating a successful eCommerce business is a process that requires deploying the right tools, including a fully optimized website, digital marketing, and a fully automated process.

The impact of all these may not be realized, however, if the website has a host with poor services.

These days, web hosting may be remote or cloud-based. While they have their advantages, you can run a successful eCommerce business on either. The choice of a hosting company for your website must be taken after much scrutiny. This is because when your eCommerce store grows, downtime may cause a significant decrease in sales.

Types of hosting

  1. Shared hosting services: A shared hosting is a type offered by WordPress in this plan, hundreds of small websites can share a server for a reduced fee. While it is economical, it is not advisable as the bandwidth may not support a large number of visitors. Your website may also be prone to virus attacks if the other websites on the shared server become infected. This hosting plan is only recommended for small, non-business websites.
  2. Private hosting: Private hosting provides more privacy and control over server features than shared hosting. This is done using a hosting partition that provides exclusivity to your website. Thus, the websites on the server are fewer, and there are fewer security risks.
  3. Dedicated servers: Dedicated servers are at the top of the hosting chain. This modern hosting plan provides an all-exclusive hosting service by providing a single website or related websites with the entire services of a dedicated server. The server is only used by the website and none other. The security risks arising from shared servers are none existent here, and the services are top-notch because of the expectedly high price. Most hosting companies providing dedicated serves have a team on the ground 24/7 to attend to any issue. Denver web design recommends this hosting plan.
  4. Cloud hosting: Cloud computing is an innovative disruptor in the digital world. Ecommerce stores can take advantage of cloud processes to set up an entirely automated process with the comfort of having everything on cloud storage.

Top Denver web design corporations recommend hosting based on the purpose, needs, and clients’ budget. The host servers are capable of supporting large traffic and have huge bandwidth.

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