Everything You Want to Know About Domestic RV Shipping


There can be several reasons for you to ship your vehicle. A majority of auto transportation services offer international and domestic RV transportation services to users. In this article, we will look more into domestic RV services in detail.

Features of Shipping Services

International shipping and domestic RV shipping are the common services provided by Ship A Car, Inc. Before you hire their shipping services, it is important to understand their shipping services.

The company helps people to move all types of recreational vehicles that include pop-ups, towable campers, motorhomes, motorcoaches, fifth-wheels, etc. It also provides the best rate for the movement of the RV.

They assist people to deliver their RV to sell it or give it to their kids. The expert professionals at the company will haul the chauffeur of the RV to the next location, securely, and safely.

The company partners with several top-notch shipping industry veterans. They use specialized trucks and equipment for the movement of RVs from coast to coast or throughout the globe.

The veteran vehicle shipping professionals and drivers relieve you from worries related to the problems associated with a long road trip, like exhaustion, body pain, roadside hotels, poor diet, possibilities of falling asleep at the time of driving, gas station bathrooms, etc.

Things to Know When Choosing RV Shipping Service

Bad weather, traffic, and road construction could cause a delay in the RV shipping process. Furthermore, shipping an RV across countries is a little complicated process. It takes full compliance with import policies.

In a majority of cases, it also comprises transportation of the RV overseas wherein RV must be driven/ raised on a cargo ship for the delivery. Some companies use ground transport and other preparations to accomplish the RV delivery safely.

How to Prepare RV for Transportation?

It is important to follow the below steps to ensure damage-free and secure transport.

  • RV should be empty and clean to avoid damage to loosely packed items in the RV. No item contained in the RV is covered under insurance.
  • Secure all fixtures that include doors, drawers, cabinets, latches, windows, etc.
  • It should not carry flammable or hazardous materials such as propane, oil tanks, gas, ammunition.
  • It should be disconnected from the gas and power supply.
  • The various parts of the automobile such as transmission, engine, brakes, tires, signals, and other parts should be in good working order.

Things to Consider When Choosing Domestic RV Shipping

The RV is protected by a hauler or trailer for its journey to the new home. To transport your vehicle using RV shipping, considering the below points will help in the smooth execution of shipping.

  • What kind of RV do you need to transport?
  • sport utility trailer,
  • pop-up camper,
  • folding camping trailer,
  • fifth-wheel travel trailer,
  • truck camper,
  • travel trailer with expanding ends,
  • conventional travel trailer,
  • Type a motorhome,
  • Type b motorhome, and
  • Type C motorhome,
  • How much is the weight of the vehicle?
  • What are the dimensions of the vehicle i.e., height, width, and length?
  • What is the delivery location of the vehicle?
  • What is the pick-up location of the vehicle?
  • When do you want to do the shipping?

What Is Included in The Custom Rate For RV Shipping?

The price of the custom rate for RV shipping comprises the following things:

  • Permits
  • Full coverage insurance
  • Driver pay
  • Shipping for the driver
  • Fuel
  • Tolls
  • Vehicle plating


The following information and tips will help in smooth RV shipping. Choose a professional shipping firm that works with a vast network of reliable independent contractors whose carriers and drivers are fully insured and licensed. It will help in safe and successful shipping.

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