Compete details about second stage of divorce and divorce facilities for foreigners


Once you have confirmed that you are eligible for a divorce in Singapore and have been married for at least three years, it is vital to understand the divorce process. There are two stages in this process, whether it is contested or uncontested divorce:

  • The dissolution of the marriage; and
  • The ancillary matters stage.

In this article, we discussed the second stage of the divorce – the ancillary matters. Usually, a document known as the Final judgment is issued three months after the Interim Judgment, reflecting the finalization of the Interim Judge through a best divorce lawyer singapore. However, the second phase of the matrimonial process is subject to the conclusion. In this auxiliary phase, the court shall deal with problems such as the custody, care, and control of any child(s), the marriage, and support for the wife and the child (ren).

Again, mediation and counseling sessions are held to settle the problems that remain. Both parties must attend to clarify outstanding issues. However, if the parties are unable to do so during these hearings, their lawyers must submit several affidavits to disclose the income of both parties. Provide fees, assets and liabilities, and statements so that the court can clarify these issues during additional hearings.

Hearing of auxiliary issues:

If the parties can succeed in settling before the hearing, the court will instead order a hearing of auxiliary issues. It requires both parties to produce a draft consent order signed by both parties. Support the business plan. Alternatively, a disputed hearing will be fixed if there is no settlement. As mentioned above, after the end of the hearing and three months after the courts’ injunction, both parties can apply for an interim judgment to become the final judgment, thereby terminating all divorce proceedings.

Submit the necessary documents to oppose the petition:

If you do not agree to the divorce, you must submit a court memorandum within eight days of receiving the divorce documents stating that you wish to dispute the matter. You must next file a defense and explain why the claims of your husband are untrue. If you merely disagree with your spouses’ claims on other matters. You will need to submit a statement of attendance stating your disputed matters so that the court can rule on various issues after the dissolution of the marriage.

Can foreigners get a divorce in Singapore:

In some cases, foreigners can get a divorce in Singapore, but there are some caveats: Singapore courts only allow divorce if at least one of the spouses has a close relationship with Singapore.

There are usually two ways to prove this connection:

  • At least one party is domiciled in Singapore.
  • At least one of the parties has regularly resided in Singapore for at least three years, immediately before requesting a divorce from the court.

There are some basic details behind each item. It is recommended to talk with a best divorce lawyer singapore to determine whether it is legal to apply for a divorce in Singapore. Contact us for a free preliminary consultation, and we will provide you with suggestions based on your situation.

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